Zakynthos Bestour: Discover the dreamy island of Zakynthos

A tour around Zakynthos island will bring you to interesting places. From the Venetian Castle just above Zakynthos Town to the many monasteries around the inland, Zakynthos gives you many chances for sightseeing…

Zakynthos Beaches

Museum of Solomos, Kalvos and eminent people of Zante

It shelters the graves of the two great poets of Zante, Dionyssios Solomos ( 1798- 1857 ) and Andreas Kalvos ( 1792 – 1869 ) as well as an important number of manuscripts and personal objects of Solomos. You may also find collections of portraits, photographs and blazons of eminent noblemen of Zante such as furniture and old costumes. Location: city of Zante, Saint Marcos’ square.

Byzantine Museum of Zante

In the museum is located a detailed model of the city of Zante as it was during the period 1930- 1950. You may also find wood – carved temples, frescos of the 12th – 13th and 17th- 18th centuries, sculptures of the Hellenistic, Byzantine and post- Byzantine period and an exceptional collection of icons dated from the Byzantine period up to the 19th century. Location: city of Zante, Solomos Square."

Gregorios Xenopoulos Museum

The Gregorios Xenopoulos Museum was founded in 1998 in the region of Faneromeni where the famous writer passed his childhood. The museum’s exhibits include personal objects and manuscripts of Xenopoulos, issues of the magazine " Diaplasis ton Paidon ", rich photographic material as well as objects and old furniture from the writer’s family house. Location: city of Zante, Gaita street.

The Venetian Castle

The Venetian castle is located on the top of the green- clad hill of Bochali. It was built on the ruins of the ancient acropolis ( Psofida ) and its walls remain almost untouched. Above the exterior gate you may find a Venetian emblem with the lions of Saint Marcos. The view to the city of Zante from the castle is wonderful. Location: 3 km from the city of Zante in the region of Bochali.

Strani Hill

The Strani Hill was one of the most favorite walks of Dionyssios Solomos. A beautiful, pine- clad offering impressive view to the plain of Zante. From there Dionyssios Solomos ( seating under the shadow of a tree and listening to the cannons of Messolonghi right across the sea ), wrote the Hymn to Freedom. Location: region of Akrotiri, 2 km from the city of Zante.

Blue caves

The blue caves are located 35 kilometers away from the city of Zante on the most north part of the island, in the region White Rock in the cape of Schinari. They were named after their bright blue color that seems reflecting whatever is drawn in their waters. The biggest cave is the famous Blue Cave and its entry was discovered in 1897. you may visit them by boat departing from the neighboring little port of Saint Nicola.

The monastery of Ag. Georgios in Gremna

Monastery on the mountainous region of Volimes, located in a dense pine- clad forest high above the sea and close to the mountainous village of Anafonitria. The monastery’s entry and the inner part with the catholic and imposing defense tower. The built- in stone on the entrance informs us that “ it was built in 1568 and restored in 1856 ”. A footpath starting from the monastery leads to the cave where St Gerasimos, protector of Kefalonia, led his ascetic life.

The Strofadia islands

The two small islands of Strofadia are located 22 sea miles on the south part of the island of Zante. On the largest of them, Eirini, daughter of the Byzantine emperor Theodoros A’ Laskareos, has built in the 13th century an impressive monastery- fortress, dedicated to the Metamorphosis of the Savior and to Theotokos, Joy of All. St Dionyssios ( patron saint of Zante ) was one of the monks

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