Zakynthos Bestour: Discover the dreamy island of Zakynthos

Zakynthos island is famous for the exotic beaches with the crystal water. In this lovely island of the Ionian Sea, visitors can enjoy organized beaches lined up with all tourist facilities or secluded coves where they can be totally on their own…

Zakynthos Beaches

Ag. Nikolaos. (Volimes)

A small bay, 30 km on the south part of the city of Zante in the mountainous region of Volimes. In the bay’s entrance is located the small uninhabitable islet of Ag. Nikolaos. Its deep waters are ideal for swimming and its natural small port is always full of sailing boats, fishing boats and small boats leaving to go to the Blue Caves and Navagio.

Ag. Nikolaos. ( Vassilikos )

A very beautiful beach in of the voes that are spread along the region of Vassilikos on the south- eastern par of the island. It is 15 km away from the city of Zante and it owes its name to the chapel of Ai Nikolas located close to it.


Alikes, a broad beach with thin sand and swallow safe waters located on the north- eastern part of the island attracts the family tourism. The beach of Alikes offers the possibility of a number of sea sports. The region owes its name to the salt pits located on the beach.


Right after the beach of Alykes you may find Alykanas, a new rapidly developing resort center. It is believed that ancient Arkadia, the first town of the city of Zante, was built here.


Argassi, another rapidly developing tourist region, with a large sandy beach where lots of smaller beaches are formed in voes, is offered for summer visitors who love carefree live day and night. It is located close to the village that bears the same name. The small distance from the city of Zante ( just 4 km ) makes it one of the most popular summer destinations in the island.


Gerakas, one of the quiet and protected beaches that the sea turtle caretta – caretta usually prefers for its reproduction. Wide, spacious beach with thin sand in a beautiful location in the most south part of the island.


Kalamaki, on the south part, 7 km from the city of Zante, is a quite offshore center with another wonderful beach with swallow and warm waters that is rendered in an ideal place of recreation for all visitors. Actually, it is an extension of the beach of the bay of Laganas. that lived there.

Keri ( Lake )

A picturesque beach 14 km from the city, very close to the green- clad village of Keri ( a picturesque village reminding of old Zante. Built on a high point, with green- clad hills, narrow alleys and lots of stone houses, it looks like it came out from an old time. The view to the Ionian from the Lighthouse of Keri is extraordinary. A view with a sunset that fascinates all lucky visitors ). The Lake of Keri took her name after a big lake that was located there which has been drained now. From a long time ago, there was the source of Irodotos jetting water containing tar used by the residents to calk their ships. In the region there are traditional Taverns and lovely Bars where you may spend a very nice evening. On the beach road there are diving schools, a very interesting activity for the visitors. Across the beach of the Lake of Keri dominates Marathonissi (or Marathias’ island ) which is imposingly decorating the bay of Laganas. The nature there is exotic, the beach is very clean and the waters are crystal. Apart from the two beaches, the pebbled- one and the sandy one, you may find wealth flora, olive trees, green oak trees and pines as well as lots of fennel after which the island took its name. In the blond sandy beach which lays like a tongue in the sea the turtles Caretta-Caretta make their nests. Guards of the National Sea Park stay there in permanence and protect the island, the turtle and her eggs. In the steep pebbled beach there are two small sea caves where you can enter in a small craft. At the edge of the beach of the Lake of Keri there is a small port where the region’s fishing boats, the visitors’ sailing boats and all small boats that are performing journeys can anchor. In these small boats you can visit the neighboring beaches where you may find some of the most beautiful caves and arches such as the small and the big Mizithra, the Kamares and the famous Lakes of Keri.


Laganas, on the south, 11 km from the city of Zante, in the most fertile valley of the island, among olive groves and raisin vineyards, with its infinite beach, 9 km in longitude, is maybe the biggest beach in Greece attracting the largest traffic during the summer. Cosmopolitan place with hotels, rooms to let and camping is the ideal place not only for the “ vivid ” visitors but for quiet family holidays as well. In the bay of Laganas you may also find the three islands of Pelouzo, Marathonissi and Ag. Sostis. In its wide beach you may also see the sea turtle Caretta – Caretta. Laganas offers a great variety of any kind of store, bar, restaurant and sea sports.

Makrys Gialos

The beach is located in the region of Volimes, 25 km on the north part of the city of Zante and in a beautiful small bay. It consists of pebbles and its crystal, cool waters are ideal for those who love swimming.


On the eastern part of the island where the landscape is rocky and beaches are small and quiet and waters are crystal blue the well known Navagio beach makes its mark, close to the mountainous village of Anafonitria. Crystl- clear waters, white sand, the corpse of a ship ( which was illegally transporting cigarettes and was wrecked in 1983 ) impressively half- drawn in the sand compose un unexpectedly fantastic scenery. The access to the beach is only realized by the sea. Small boats leave every day for the Navagio beach from the neighboring Porto Vromi, the city of Zante but from other points of the island as well.

Porto- Roma

Porto Roma, one of the most popular beaches, is located in the region of Vassilikos. A quiet beach with crystl blue waters and greens that go down to the sea. It was named after Alexandros Romas, an eminent noble of Zante who had a house in the region.

Porto- Zoro

Porto Zoro in the green- clad region of Vassilikos, 17 km from the city of Zante, is a small, idyllic beach with crystal blue waters and greens that almost touch the waves. The two rocks located in its end right inside the sea make the landscape really impressive.


Large in longitude sandy beach, with swallow and warm waters, is located at 6 kilometers on the north part of the city of Zante, in the village of Planos, a region where, during the last years, its development and modernization are quite impressive year after year constituting a tourist resort for lots of visitors. It offers a great variety of tourist facilities. On its north part there is a Venetian Vardiola ( old Watch Tower ), whereas across its south end, you may find the island of Vodi. In its long beach there are lots of bars, restaurants and sea sports as well, while the north winds which usually blow in the region, make the beach ideal for windsurfing.


At 20 km on the north part of the city of Zante, a very small beach, one of the most picturesque with pebbles and a characteristic smell of brimstone due to the brimstone source located in a close cave, is the Xygkia beach. Because of the content of brimstone in the source waters, white pieces reminding of grease are thrown in the sea. The beach was named after that ( xygki in Greek means fat ). The region’s inhabitants believe that swimming in these waters is therapeutic for cases of arthritis, rheumatism.

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